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115 North Main, Suite 4
Taylorville, IL  62568
Phone:  (217) 824-2919

Hours:  Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM


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The Water Collection Department employs four full-time employees and works closely with 3 full-time Water Service Technicians.  It is responsible for billing and collecting 5,600 water/sewer and Christian County Water Reclamation District customer accounts currently on a monthly basis.

All bills are due on the 15th of the month with a 10% penalty to apply on any payments made after 8 A.M. the following business day.

Any customers with past due balances over $15.00, will have a cutoff notice posted to their door the 22nd of each month (or first business day following) with a due date to be one week later.  All accounts must be paid prior to 8:00 A.M. on due date stated or a reconnect fee will be applied, regardless of service interruption.  Reconnect Fees are $35.00 inside city limits and $70.00 for outside city limits.

We now offer several ways for our customers to pay their water bills.

  • We have 24 hour drop boxes – one located in the vestibule at the East door and one located in the alley behind the Municipal Building located at 115 North Main.
  • Payments may also be made with a debit or credit card at the office during business hours or 24 hours a day at the website using the ePAY icon.  The fee charged by ePAY is 2.3% of the payment with a minimum of $1.00.
  • Payments may also be made from any bank by draft from a checking or savings account at no additional fee.  Please complete the form below and return to the Water Collection Office.  A bill will still be mailed to the customer showing “PAID BY DRAFT”.

Customers wishing to start service will need to bring a lease or rental agreement unless they own the location; a customer service fee of $30.00 for inside city limit addresses and $60.00 for outside; and a photo ID to the Water Collection Office.

Landlords are still able to put a Landlord agreement in place.  This allows the water to switch in and out of the landlord’s name without a customer service fee.  Landlords may also place the water in their names for a time between tenants without being charged a customer service fee.  This forces tenants to set water service in their own name in a timely matter.

The Water Collection Office is taking a very proactive approach to helping customers identify leaks.  If a meter flags a leak at the time of reading, a blue tag is left at the location requesting the individual to call our office.  We define a leak as a 24 hour period without zero flow.  A profile can also be run on most meters identifying the history of water consumption.

The most common cause of household leaks is the plumbing inside toilets.  A flapper or overflow issue can be identified by placing dye in the toilet tank, leaving it for about an hour, and checking for color down in the bowl.

If a leak is identified and repairs are made, our Service Tech will run a profile to verify that the problem has been resolved.  Customers are allowed a one-time bill adjustment to water consumption based on their normal average use.


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