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1501 S Spresser St
Taylorville, Illinois 62568-1944
Phone: (217) 824-9313


Office Hours Attended: 9AM-5PM Mon-Fri


Bill Newberry is the Airport Manager

Weather conditions in Taylorville can be monitored by pilots, through an automated weather observation station (AWOS) .The system, which can be accessed anytime and anywhere by telephone (217-824-9323), also transmits voice data on 123.875 MHz.

Other airport attributes include a rotating beacon light, medium intensity runway lighting, a PLASI approach lighting system, a runway end identification lighting system, and an instrument approach system. The City of Taylorville provides both standard aircraft fuel (avgas), jet fuel and aviation oil. A pilot’s lounge and free courtesy car are available.

The City of Taylorville operates a municipal airport 2 miles southwest of the city. The airport is host to approximately 6,000 take-offs and landings per year. Both pleasure and corporate aircraft are stored and serviced in Taylorville, with hanger facilities for 30 aircraft. The Taylorville airport features a North/South lighted, hard surface 4,000 ft. X 75 ft. runway, East/West lighted hard surface 3500 ft. X 60 ft. runway and East/West turf surface runway 1920 ft. X 60 ft. The airport can support most general aviation aircraft, from small propeller aircraft to corporate business jets. Nearby, two air-carrier airports feature commercial airlines. Springfield and Decatur, which are only 30 miles from Taylorville, each support an airport offering frequent commercial flights daily.



24 Hr. Fuel with Credit Card
Pilot’s Lounge & Restroom – Open 24/7
Courtesy Car
Weather Computer
Soda & Snacks
Satellite TV


100LL – $3.85
JET A   – $3.25