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Matthew Adermann-Fire Chief

202 N Main St
Taylorville, Illinois 62568-1944
Non-Emergency Phone: (217) 824-2295


The Taylorville Fire Department is staffed by a Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, three Captains, and twelve full-time Firefighters. The Chief and the Assistant Chief both work five days a week and the Fire Department is staffed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week by a Captain and 4 firefighters, who work a twenty-four hour shift. The department is assisted by 20 Volunteer Firefighters / Support Personnel.

The Taylorville Fire Department holds a primary response duty to the over 15,000 citizens within its jurisdiction, which includes the City of Taylorville and the Taylorville Fire Protection District. We also accept a responsibility to two cities, and 11 villages, within our county, through mutual aid agreements.

Taylorville is the county seat of Christian County. We host over 400 retail/commercial businesses, ranging from large department stores to small locally owned businesses, four strip malls, a 500 acre industrial park, and forty plus industries, manufacturing, and warehousing operations with over 5,000 employees.

Taylorville is within 25 miles of two 100,000 population centers, resulting in a higher than usual traffic flow for a community this size. The Taylorville Fire Department provides response services to the Taylorville Municipal Airport. The airport is home to a jet aircraft service and capable of providing commercial airline services. Taylorville has three intersecting state highways, and two (Norfolk & Southern and Genesee and Wyoming) rail services.

The Taylorville Fire Department is very serious about holding a leading role of responsibility in support of personnel and equipment that will increase a safer service of all firefighters within our county or wherever requested. We are committed to this responsibility in order to satisfy a goal of serving the citizens of Taylorville, Christian County, and anywhere within the State of Illinois, through the never ending endeavor of providing trained firefighters with better equipment to reach our goals of Life safety, Incident Stabilization, and Environmental / Property Preservation.

If you are a visitor or a new resident, our staff would be happy to meet you and provide a tour of the “State of the Art” fire station.

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