The City of Taylorville operates a municipal airport 2 miles southwest of the city. The airport is host to approximately 6,000 take-offs and landings per year.

Andy Goodall is the Health, Building and Animal Control Officer.

The Taylorville Fire Department is staffed by a Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, three Captains, and twelve full-time Firefighters.

City of Taylorville Public Disclosure of "Total Compensation" per 5 ILCS 120/7.3 Employee Wage and Benefits over $75,000.00 is available for viewing in the City Clerk’s Office, Monday – Friday, 8:00 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.

Lake Taylorville is located three (3) miles south of Taylorville, Illinois. The 1200 acre Lake was built in 1962.

The Taylorville Public Library provides a collection of materials, programs and services designed to meet the cultural, informational and recreational needs of the community.

Our department is committed to working with our community to maintain our high quality of life in Taylorville.

The City of Taylorville Street & Sewer Department is responsible for maintaining approximately 85 miles of city streets and alleyways, all sanitary and storm sewers within the city and sixteen lift stations.

The City of Taylorville has been providing treated drinking water to its residents since 1888. At this time Taylorville operates a 4 million gallon per day treatment facility that provides water to nearly 18,000 residents in Taylorville and its surrounding communities.

Oak Hill Cemetery was founded in 1842. It is a city owned cemetery. The cemetery has approximately 100 acres of flat and rolling hills with road access to all sections throughout the Cemetery.